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第24屆高雄武哈祭 The 24rd Hooha Show


第23屆台中武哈祭 The 23rd Taichung Hooha Show


第22屆武哈祭 The 22st Hooha Show

第21屆武哈祭 The 21st Taipei Hooha Show

第20屆武哈祭 The 20st Taipei Hooha Show

Combat King Monthly Issue182 January 2020

Combat King Monthly Issue182 January 2020

2020,Issue 182

Cover Story

Poseidon Punisher 4 with Corrine

There’re lots of AEGs in the market now. Almost all of them are fully equipped with fair price, which makes the rookie players hard to choose. The Poseidon noticed this situation and swiftly launched the Punisher AEG series. It fits with new electronic firing control system, high cost performance equipment and reasonable price. Surely will be the best choice for the newbies….