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第24屆台中武哈祭 The 24th Taichung Hooha Show


第23屆台中武哈祭 The 23rd Taichung Hooha Show


第22屆武哈祭 The 22st Hooha Show

第21屆武哈祭 The 21st Taipei Hooha Show

第20屆武哈祭 The 20st Taipei Hooha Show

Combat King Monthly Issue169 Dec. 2018

Combat King Monthly Issue169 Dec. 2018

2018,Issue 169

 Cover Story

 Dytac SLR MB47 with Nicole

The tough and reliable AK is still the standard rifle of many countries nowadays. There’re also many upgraded kits in the market. The Sharps Bros MB47 frame fits with SLR tactical handguard is the most popular one among them. Once CKM got to know that Dytac is gonna produce the AEG form of this combination,we swiftly made this exclusive report…. 。