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第24屆高雄武哈祭 The 24rd Hooha Show


第23屆台中武哈祭 The 23rd Taichung Hooha Show


第22屆武哈祭 The 22st Hooha Show

第21屆武哈祭 The 21st Taipei Hooha Show

第20屆武哈祭 The 20st Taipei Hooha Show

Combat King Monthly Issue177 August. 2019

Combat King Monthly Issue177 August. 2019

2019,Issue 177

封面故事 Cover Story

反恐近戰先鋒with VerenaUmarex/VFC HK MP7A1

巍嘉國際(VFC)早在數年前便推出Umarex授權的HK MP7A1氣動(GBB)衝鋒槍,獲得許多玩家青睞,今年VFC再接再厲推出MP7A1的微型化電槍版本(AEG),雖然在外觀及授權刻印上跟以往並無不同,但電槍版本的效能和持續射擊能力在生存遊戲中仍具優勢,也適合訓練使用,可滿足不同槍迷的需求…
VFC launched the GBB version of HK MP7A1 which is authorized by Umarex a few years ago. The responses from the airsofters were awesome. This encourages VFC to continuingly release the AEG version of MP7A1 in recent days. Let us check out this cover story of Umarex/VFC HK MP7A1….