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第24屆台中武哈祭 The 24th Taichung Hooha Show


第23屆台中武哈祭 The 23rd Taichung Hooha Show


第22屆武哈祭 The 22st Hooha Show

第21屆武哈祭 The 21st Taipei Hooha Show

第20屆武哈祭 The 20st Taipei Hooha Show

2019 Airsoft & Airgun Consumers Guide

2019 Airsoft & Airgun Consumers Guide

CKM invited gorgeous Yuri and our Hong Kong Chief Editor Alan to shoot the cover page of《2019 Airsoft & Airgun Consumers Guide》, Yuri acted as the female warrior of Kurdish YPG and Alan played the role as ex-SEAL team operator. The weapon that Yuri adapted was LCT’s latest modularized LC-3AR tactical rifle, and Alan used LCT PPKS74 MN light machine gun fits with extra-long magazine. They fought the IS bravely and fearlessly in the desert of Syria…