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第24屆台中武哈祭 The 24th Taichung Hooha Show


第23屆台中武哈祭 The 23rd Taichung Hooha Show


第22屆武哈祭 The 22st Hooha Show

第21屆武哈祭 The 21st Taipei Hooha Show

第20屆武哈祭 The 20st Taipei Hooha Show

Combat King Monthly Issue173 April. 2019

Combat King Monthly Issue173 April. 2019

2019,Issue 173

 Cover Story

LCT LCK-12 with Yuu

Talking about Russian infantry weapon, everyone will immediately think of AK rifle. Yet as tough as AK, still can’t beat the aging problem. Therefore, Russia is in need of new assault rifle to replace the AK. The result is the modularized AK-12 which is launched in 2014. The LCT from Taiwan also noticed this situation and swiftly launched the first AEG version of AK-12. It’s named the LCK-12….