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2018 年163

封面故事 Cover Story

戰鬥女僕小霸王with Csy Siu
  DB TTI19 Combat Master

在電影《捍衛任務2:殺神回歸》(John Wick: Chapter 2)中主角約・衛克手持出一把黑金雙色G34 TTI手槍,吸引無數槍迷目光,而雙鐘公司更利用製作TTI 34 的製作經驗,推出緊緻版的TTI 19手槍,而本刊便以近期流行的軍武少女去襯托這把全新的TTI 19器動手槍…
In movie “John Wick:Chapter 2”, the TTI G34 Combat Master was used by leading actor, which attracted many fans. In airsoft world, Double Bell has also paid lots attention toward TTI pistol, and finally released the TTI 19 in recent days. In this case, CKM use the popular military maid to set off this awesome pistol….

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當期目錄 新槍報導/老槍抱報 廠商介紹 海外專訪 日本軍力/新聞快報 重演活動/戰鬥王影城

    封面故事 Cover Story
    戰鬥女僕小霸王with Csy Siu
    DB TTI19 Combat Master
    新槍報到 New Gun Impression
    傲氣戰鬥霸主DB TTI34   
    瑞士特戰卡賓槍 GHK553 GBB   
    巨浪特戰步槍King Arms AS Val  
    金鷹突擊步槍 Golden Eagle ERIS AR GBB Rifle
    俄羅斯鬥牛士EDgun Matador R5M
    摩登森林獵人 SPA Artemis M30
    老槍抱報 Classical Toy Gun
    生不逢時的勇士Hudson M14 Model Gun  
    廠商介紹  Manufacturer Introduction
    美國SAI總部潛入記Sneak into the Headquarters of Salient Arms International
    海外專訪 Overseas Coverage
    希臘空軍伊尼奧豪斯演習Sound of Freedom over Greece
    日本軍力 JSDF Strength
    日本陸自板妻基地開放JGSDF Itazuma Base Open House
    新聞快報 Special Coverage
    空降神兵御風而行 ROC Army Paratrooper Training Base in Pingtung 
    重演活動 Reenactment
    越戰重演年會Annual Gathering of Vietnam War Reenactment
    戰鬥王影城 CKM Cinema

    新槍報導 New Gun Impression

    摩登森林獵人 SPA Artemis M30

    由岭峰氣槍製造有限公司(Snow Peak Airgun,簡稱SPA)所製作的M30氣槍,是一把將傳統氣動式獵槍的儲氣槽及發射機構進行調整,不但保有栓式槍機的操作樂趣,同時還配備了SPA的可調式氣閥,在經過性能提升後,已成為一支能符合現代狩獵或射擊運動所使用的氣槍…
    M30 made by SPA, is a PCP air gun that has been improved its air container and firing mechanism. It not only maintains the pleasure of operating an air-cocking rifle, but also has the advantage of SPA adjustable air-valve. Surely is an air gun that may satisfy modern hunting sport and shooting competition….


    傲氣戰鬥霸主 DB TTI34

    在電影《捍衛任務2》(John Wick:Chapter 2)中主角約翰・衛克所拿的手槍,是美國塔倫戰術革新(Taran Tactical Innovations)公司所生產的TTI G34戰鬥霸主(Combat Master),由於造型搶眼,讓實銃在電影推出後便大賣!雙鐘公司也看中此槍,便參考其造型並搭配合金滑套,推出這把造型前衛的TTI34 GBB手槍…
    In movie “John Wick:Chapter 2”, the TTI G34 Combat Master made by Taran Tactical Innovations was used by leading actor. It has become a total success in pistol market after the movie is shown. In airsoft business, Double Bell has also caught its fancy toward this unique pistol, and produced the GBB replica. It’s called TTI34….


    俄羅斯鬥牛士 EDgun Matador R5M

    於2002年成立於俄羅斯的艾德剛(EDgun),是一家生產高階氣槍和獵槍為主的槍廠,老闆本身即為經驗豐富的射手和獵人,因此對自家產要求度極高,而這款Matador R5M便是改良自該公司銷售冠軍鬥牛士R3的新款氣槍,將來勢必會再度成為艾德剛的銷售王牌…
    Established in Russia in 2002, EDgun is a manufacturer specialized in producing high-quality air gun and hunting rifle. The Matador R5M is the improved version of Matador R3, which has better performance and reliability….


    金鷹艾瑞斯步槍 GE Eris Assault Rifle

    現今AR系GBB步槍正處於氣槍業界的戰國時代,各種不同系統的AR GBB亦百花爭鳴,槍迷們幾乎有數不清的各式AR GBB彈匣,近年來由於技術問題已有突破,使得AR系GBB步槍也能成為〝戰場利器〞,而金鷹公司的新作〝艾瑞斯〞(Eris)步槍,便是新世代AR系GBB步槍中的不二之選…
    AR series GBB rifle is the most popular product in current market. But there’re too many system and magazines for AR, which makes customers not easy to choose. Thanks to Golden Eagle, they recently released the Eris AR GBB rifle that has significant technic breakthrough. It surely is one of the best AR series GBB rifles ever have…. 


    瑞士特戰卡賓槍 GHK553 GBB

    SG553 was launched in 2009. It has a folding stock, 9 inches barrel and Ak-47 type air-ducting system as SG552, but it also has improved the recoil spring guide rod problem of SG552. Now, GHK from Taiwan replicated the SG553 in GBB form, which allows airsoft players who’re fond of special operations may have the opportunity to own this exquisite carbine….


    巨浪特戰步槍 King Arms AS Val

    俄文名為〝巨浪〞的AS Val,是蘇聯中央精密機械工程研究院(TsNIITochMash)於80年代所開發的特戰步槍,配置與槍身結合的滅音器,使用9x39mm口徑子彈;台灣皇朝科技(King Arms)相中AS Val的獨特與稀有特性,決定在2018年仲夏之際,推出這支AEG版本的AS Val…
    AS Val is a special operation rifle which was developed by Russian TsNIITochMash in the 80s. It equips with silencer and may fire 9x39mm cal. Bullets. King Arms from Taiwan has noticed its unique and rareness for quite a while, so in the summer of 2018, KA is going to release the AEG version of AS Val….

    老槍抱報 Classical Toy Gun

    生不逢時的勇士 Hudson M14 Model Gun

    M14 was designed and manufactured by Springfield Armory, which was the standard combat rifle of US troops in the beginning of Vietnam War. Although it was replaced by the lighter and small-caliber M16 eventually, but its derivatives is still active in the battlefield nowadays. This specially made Hudson M14 model gun was developed in 1990, to celebrate the 15 anniversary of the end of Vietnam War….

    特別報導 Special Coverage

    深入美國SAI總部探秘 A Visit to Salient Arms International

    位於美國加州的SAI公司為了獲得更多的發展空間,近期將廠房搬到槍械法令較寬鬆的內華達州,因此今年Shot Show開幕後的會後派對(After Party),SAl更是擴大舉辦,除有特戰部隊隊員跳傘表演外,伊伐克生產集團(EMG)的合作廠商AW、G&P和RlW更獲邀深入SAI廠房及生產線參觀…
    SAI was originally located in California. But, in order to gain more developing space, they moved to Nevada recently. In the 2018 SHOT Show, Las Vegas based SAI hosted a big party with lots of attractions. Those who’re in cooperation with EMG, such as G&P, AW and RIW, were invited to visit the SAI factory and production line….

    海外專訪 Overseas Coverage

    希臘空軍伊尼奧豪斯演習 Sound of Freedom over Greece

    離希臘西海岸約15公里處的安卓維達(Andravida)空軍基地,不但是希臘空軍(HAF) F-4E幽靈二型(Phantom II)中隊及戰鬥機武器學校(FWS)的家園,也是第四屆伊尼奧豪斯演習(Iniohos Exercise )的所在,這次演習共有來自美國、英國、義大利、希臘、賽普勒斯和阿拉伯聯合大公國等六國空軍的76架戰機參加…
    Some 15 kilometers from the west coast of the Greece mainland is the Andravida Air Base located. Home of one F-4 squadron and the Fighter Weapon School, it was the place where The 4th Iniohos Exercise to be held during Mar. 12~23. The HAF invited six nations, including NATO partners and UAE from Middle East to attend this exercise….

    日本軍力 JSDF Strength

    日本陸自板妻基地開放 JGSDF Itazuma Base Open House

    日本陸上自衛隊第一師團的第34普通科連隊,駐防於静岡縣御殿場市的板妻基地(Camp Itazuma),於今年4月15日舉辦了慶祝建軍56週年的基地開放,該連隊自成立以來便參與了多次救災任務,本次基地開放便展示了多項救災裝備及車輛,值得我們借鏡學習…

    • JGSDF 1st Division, 34th Infantry Brigade based in Camp Itazuma celebrated its 56th anniversary on Apr. 15, 2018. The Brigade has participated many rescue and relief mission since it’s been established in 1962. During the base open-house activity, many rescue equipment and rescue operation vehicles were exhibited. It shows the determination and will of JGSDF in helping Japanese people during natural disaster….

    新聞快報 Special Coverage

    空降神兵御風而行 ROC Army Paratrooper Training Base in Pingtung

    ROC MND invited the media to visit Army Paratrooper Training Base located in Pingtung on May 22nd, 2018. The purpose for this trip is to let news media understand the risks that every paratrooper might encounter during training, and the hard process of airborne combat training…. 

    重演活動 Reenactment

    越戰重演年會 Annual Gathering of Vietnam War Reenactment

    The Annual Gathering of Vietnam War Reenactment 2018 was taking place in Taoyuan in this May. Reenactors from all over Taiwan gathered at this awesome event, and exhibited their precious collection of Vietnam War. The host even built an US fire support base and lots of trenches to reappear the atmosphere of the 60s…. 

    戰鬥王影城 CKM Cinema


    最新喜劇片《貼背戰》改編自「華爾街日報」的一篇標題名為《避免當鬼需要計劃和謹慎》(It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being It)的文章,描述五個從小認識的死黨,每年會有1個月會展開毫無顧忌的捉人遊戲,甘願冒著生命、丟掉工作和損害交情的危險,為了成為最後的贏家究竟會將這遊戲玩到多大….



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